1. Childhood and Youth

3. Public Policy and the Remaking of the American Family, 1900-1940 Thu 8:00
20. Childhood and Nationalism Thu 10:00
33. Book Panel: Youth Squad Thu 12:00
48. Childhood and Biopolitics Thu 2:00
64. Talking about My Generation: Youth Crisis and Conflict Thu 4:00
128. Book Roundtable: The Moral Project of Childhood by Daniel Cook Fri 8:00
129. Childhood in Times of Turbulence Fri 3:45
159. Contestations over Child Rights and Welfare Sat 8:00
177. Book Roundtable: Children and Youth as Subjects, Objects, Agents Sat 10:00
187. Youth Activism Sat 12:00
203. Ideologies of Childhood Sat 2:00
208. Politics of Schooling Sat 2:00
227. Childhood and the "Healthful" Environment: Disease, Morality, and Reformation Sat 4:00
239. Childhood and Settler Colonialism Sun 8:00
261. Save the Children?: Childhood, Charity, and Humanitarianism Sun 10:15

2. Crime, Justice and the Law

170. Police and investigative techniques Sat 8:00
186. Crime policy and mass incarceration Sat 10:00
202. The Carceral State and Crises of Capitalism and Governance in 1970s America Sat 12:00
218. Crime, Justice and Historical Criminology Sat 2:00
234. Gender, Race and Immigration Sat 4:00

3. Culture

4. Book Session: Entitled: Discriminating Tastes and the Expansion of the Arts Thu 8:00
5. Reimagining Research Traditions: New Approaches to Method and Measurement Thu 8:00
7. Author Meets Critic: Breaching the Civil Order: Radicalism and the Civil Sphere, Edited by Jeffrey Alexander, Trevor Stack and Farhad Khosrokhavar Thu 4:00
18. Cultural Entrepreneurs Thu 10:00
22. Author Meets Critics: City of the Good: Nature, Religion, and the Ancient Search for What Is Right by Michael M. Bell Thu 10:00
37. Crisis and Social Transformation Thu 12:00
52. Author Meets Critic: Ruling Culture: Art Police, Tomb Robbers, and the Rise of Cultural Power in Italy by Fiona Greenland Thu 2:00
67. Author Meets Critics: "Model Cases. On Canonical Research Objects and Sites", by Monika Krause Thu 4:00
145. Temporalities I: Global Politics and Temporality Fri 5:45
195. Production of Social Problems Sat 12:00
211. Theory and Methods in the Study of Culture Sat 2:00
225. Author Meets Critics: How Green Became Good: Urbanized Nature and the Making of Cities and Citizens, by Hillary Angelo Sat 4:00
228. Tastes and Consecration Sat 4:00
244. Cultural Constitution of Politics Sun 8:00
256. Author Meets Critics: Bound by Creativity by Hannah Wohl Sun 10:15
258. Cultural Making of Groups Sun 10:15
259. Drawing Boundaries Sun 10:15

4. Economics

14. Topics in Marriage Market Outcomes Thu 8:00
29. Technology and Development in Late Twentieth-Century China Thu 10:00
44. The Neoliberal Moment in East Asia Thu 12:00
59. The Consequences of Epidemics Thu 2:00
73. Financial Markets Thu 4:00
89. Land and Labor in the Age of Mass Migration Fri 8:00
104. New Complete Count Canadian Census data Fri 10:00
120. Health, Public Intervention and Insurance Fri 1:45
135. Conceptualizing Economic Development Fri 3:45
136. Pay, Productivity and Discrimination Fri 3:45
151. Persistent Effects of Inequality and Deprivation Fri 5:45
152. The Demographic Effects of Shocks, Stress and Economic Development Fri 5:45
167. Historical Record Linkage: New Methods and Sources Sat 8:00
168. Determinants of Female Labour Market Outcomes Sat 8:00
183. Inequality, Wealth and Poverty Sat 10:00
184. Innovation and Disruption: Beyond Creative Destruction Sat 10:00
199. Women, Power and Institutions Sat 12:00
200. Land, Climate, Conflict and Mobility Sat 12:00
215. Economics Sat 2:00
216. Industries, Regulations and Subsidies Sat 2:00
232. Policing, Quotas and Slavery: Institutions and Discrimination Sat 4:00
248. Technology and Institutions: New Histories Sun 8:00
263. Trade, Finance, Power and Market Structures Sun 10:15

5. Education, Knowledge and Science

11. Interrogating Innovation and Invention Thu 8:00
23. Education at High-Tide: The 1970s Revisited Thu 10:00
28. Author Meets Critic: Book On the Heels of Ignorance: Psychiatry and the Politics of Not Knowing by Author Owen Whooley. Thu 10:00
35. STS Lessons for Policy Impact Thu 12:00
38. Curriculum and Career, Discipline and Disruption Thu 12:00
57. Roundtable Discussion: Teaching with Interdisciplinary Research Published in Social Science History Thu 2:00
65. Author Meets Critics: Eric Lybeck, The University Revolution: Outline of a Processual Theory Thu 4:00
103. Expertise: Bureaucracy, Field, State Fri 10:00
106. Author Meets Critic: The Western Disease: Contesting Autism in the Somali Diaspora by Claire Laurier Decoteau Fri 10:00
112. Author Meets Critic: -The University and the Global Knowledge Society- by David John Frank and John W. Meyer Fri 1:45
127. Expertise at the Intersection of Biology and Social Science Fri 3:45
144. Economic and Ideological Underpinnings of Higher Education Fri 5:45
182. Expertise: Classification and Power within Organizations Sat 10:00
193. Book Session: Mobilizing Mutations by Daniel Navon Sat 12:00
254. Questioning Gifts, Challenging Talent Sun 10:15
260. Constructing National Knowledges Sun 10:15
265. Fields of Expertise: Structure and Transformation Sun 10:15

6. Family Demography

70. New Perspectives on Migration and Mobility Thu 4:00
79. Family, Fertility, and Mortality Fri 8:00
95. Vocabularies. Exploring Shared Names for Default Variables across Databases Fri 10:00
102. Book Session: Emily Merchant on "Building the Population Bomb" Fri 10:00
110. Korean Families in Crisis Prior-20th Century Sat 8:00
117. Intergenerational Mobility: Evidence from Linked U.S. Full Count Census Data Fri 1:45
126. Men, Women and Inheritance Fri 3:45
133. Impacts of Policies and Migration on Educational Outcomes: Evidence from U.S. Full Count Census Data Fri 3:45
142. Jewish Social Mobility and Integration (1850-1940) Fri 5:45
149. Vocabularies. Exploring Shared Names for Default Variables across Databases II Fri 5:45
158. Inequality, Economic Stress, and Demographic Behavior: Sub-Session 1. Balancing Economic Stress in the Pre-Modern World. Sat 8:00
165. Community Demographic and Economic Patterns: Evidence from U.S. Full Count Census Data Sat 8:00
174. Worklife Balance for Females in Preindustrial Societies Facing Crisis Sat 10:00
181. Urban Families Sat 10:00
190. Historical and Contemporary Perspectives on the 2020 Census: How Were Other Censuses Used and Saved? Sat 12:00
197. Dealing with Data Sat 12:00
206. Inequality, Economic Stress, and Demographic Behavior: Sub-Session 2. Fertility and Mortality Responses to Economic Stress in the Modernizing World Sat 2:00
213. Demographic Response to Economic Circumstances Sat 2:00
222. Inequality, Economic Stress, and Demographic Behavior: Sub-Session 3. Integrated views Sat 4:00
229. Various aspects of Fertility Sat 4:00
238. The Thirtieth Anniversary of Preston and Haines’ Fatal Years – New Research and Appreciation (Session 1) Sun 8:00
245. Marriage and Partner Selection Sun 8:00
253. The Thirtieth Anniversary of Preston and Haines’ Fatal Years – New Research and Appreciation (Session 2) Sun 10:15

7. Health, Medicine and Body

42. Governing Health under Uncertainty Thu 12:00
43. Caring for the Healthy, Sick, and Elderly Thu 12:00
58. From Changes in Health Practitioners to Medical Narratives Thu 2:00
72. Fertility, Mortality, Plagues and Epidemics Thu 4:00
86. Health, Medicine and Body Fri 8:00

8. Historical Geography and GIS

8. The Philadelphia Social History Project: A Retrospective Sat 4:00
36. Geographies of Politics, Conflict, and Segregation Thu 12:00
66. Health and Hazards I : Pandemic Geographies Thu 4:00
81. Health and Hazards II : Spatial & Historical Perspectives Fri 8:00
118. Project Development Fri 1:45
134. Urban Economics Fri 3:45
154. Migrants and Immigration Experiences Fri 5:45
230. Project Roundtable: Mapping Historical New York City Thu 12:00
240. Settlement and Places Sun 8:00
257. Urban Historical GIS Sun 10:15

9. Labor

50. Author Meets Critic: The Education Trap: Schools and the Remaking of Inequality in Boston, by Cristina Groeger Thu 2:00
51. Book Session Sat 4:00
82. Health Care Work: Contradictions and Possibilities of the Largest US Labor Market Fri 8:00
96. The Political Economy of Gender at Work Fri 10:00
160. The Politics of Training and Hiring Practices Sat 8:00
175. The International Labor Organization beyond Europe: Out of Reach or Out of Touch? Sat 10:00
192. Disability and Risk in the Workplace Sat 12:00
214. Questioning Racial Hierarchies at Work Sat 2:00
241. Conservative Backlash and Restrictions on Labor Sun 8:00
255. Changes in Social Mobility and Inequality: A Historical Perspective. Sun 10:15

10. Macrohistorical Dynamics

1. Book Panel: Tea War-A History of Capitalism in China and India (Yale University Press) Thu 8:00
9. Climate and Ecology in World History Thu 8:00
16. Power and Normativity in Society and History: Power, Religion, and Subjectivity Thu 10:00
24. Empire and Its Perils Thu 10:00
31. Power and Normativity in Society and History: Capitalism and Socialism Thu 12:00
39. U.S. Empire Reconsidered Thu 12:00
46. Power and Normativity in Society and History: Emergency, Exception, and War Thu 2:00
54. States, Elite, and Capital Thu 2:00
61. Power and Normativity in Society and History: Sovereignty and Performance Thu 4:00
68. Institutions and Elite in China Thu 4:00
84. Concrete Circuits of Ideational Power, Print and Digital Fri 10:00
92. "Reframing Empires, Decolonizing Disciplines: Rethinking Method in a Time of Crisis.” Fri 10:00
100. Innovation, Law, and Value in Global Capitalism Fri 10:00
107. Institutions and Social Change Fri 1:45
115. Socialism, Capitalism, and the State Fri 1:45
123. Doing Global Historical Sociology Fri 3:45
131. Events and Crisis in Concept and Practice I Fri 3:45
139. US-China Relation in Flux: Past, Present, Future Fri 5:45
147. Science, Prediction, and Historiography Fri 5:45
155. Capitalizing on the Crisis of Socialism: The Pathways of China's Reform Reconsidered Sat 8:00

11. Migration/Immigration

78. Author Meets Critic: On Many Routes. Internal, European, and Transatlantic Migration in the Late Habsburg Empire by Annemarie Steidl Fri 8:00
83. Migrant, Ethnic and National Identity Formation and Knowledge Production Fri 8:00
94. Book Session: America for Americans by Erika Lee Fri 10:00
99. Going the Distance: Comparative Settler Colonialisms across Time and Space Fri 10:00
109. Rethinking the Jewish Exodus from Arab Countries: A Network Perspective Fri 8:00
114. Negotiating Historical Narrative Fri 1:45
125. Immigration Policy, Household Workers, and the Politics of Reproductive Labor Fri 3:45
130. Nation-Making through Empire, Settlement, and Revolution Fri 3:45
141. Author Meets Critic: Unwanted: Italian and Jewish Mobilization against Restrictive Immigration Laws, 1882–1965 by Maddalena Marinari Fri 5:45
146. New Constructs, Old Data, and Incorporating Immigrants Fri 5:45
157. Citizenship, Naturalization, and Democracy: Learning from the Late-19th and Early-20th Century United States Sat 8:00
162. Logics of Rescue and the Illogics of Refugee Policies Sat 8:00
173. Author Meets Critic Book Session: Emotional Landscapes: Love, Gender, and Migration, edited by Marcelo Borges, Sonia Cancian, Linda Reeder (University of Illinois Press) Sat 10:00
178. Food Migration: Tourism, Consumption, Performance Fri 1:45
189. Review Symposium: Richard A. Settersten Jr, Glen H. Elder, Jr, and Lisa D. Pearce, 2021. Living on the Edge: the American Generation’s Journey through the 20th Century. University of Chicago Press. Sat 12:00
194. Fighting for the Rights of Citizens Sat 12:00
205. Author meets Critic Book Session: With Your Words in My Hands: The Letters of Antonietta Petris and Loris Palma, edited and translated by Sonia Cancian (McGill-Queen's University Press) Sat 2:00
210. Labor Migration and Technologies of Management Sat 2:00
221. "Are Italians White"? Continuing to Debate Processes of Racialization across Time and Space Sat 4:00
226. Migrant Voices, Agency, and Resilience Sat 4:00
237. Migration, Regulation, Exclusion, and Control at and within Borders Sun 8:00
242. Immigration Federalism and Anti-Immigrant Politics in the States Sun 8:00
252. The Economy and Markets of Migration Flows Sun 10:15

12. Politics

21. Parties, leadership Thu 10:00
34. Democratic Regression in Comparative-Historical Perspective Thu 12:00
87. Colonial imperialism, exploitation Fri 8:00
97. Author Meets Critic: Populism in the Civil Sphere by Jeffrey C. Alexander, Peter Kivisto, Giuseppe Sciortino Fri 10:00
111. Contentious Politics Fri 1:45
150. Democratization, democratic ideology Fri 5:45
166. Comparative analysis of political institutions Sat 8:00
176. Author Meets Critics: Daniel Carpenter's Democracy by Petition Sat 10:00
198. The politics of markets Sat 12:00
209. Author Meets Critic: The Making of the Populist Movement by Adam Slez Sat 2:00
231. Roundtable Book Discussion of Justice Deferred: Race and the Supreme Court by Orville Vernon Burton and Armand Derfner Sat 4:00
246. Uncertainty, Crises, and Critical Junctures in the Political History of China and beyond Sun 8:00
262. Theorizing the political Sun 10:15

13. Public Finance

30. Global Diffusion of Fiscal Invention: The Value-Added Tax in the European Community, France, and the United States Thu 10:00
88. From the Top: Elites and Fiscal Policy Making Fri 8:00
119. Taxation for Representation Fri 1:45
179. Housing Policy in the Late 20th Century Sat 10:00

14. Race and Ethnicity

63. Race-Making and the Socio-Legal Imaginary Thu 4:00
171. Empire, Citizenship and Racial Subjectivity Sat 10:00
191. Building the Ethnoracial Nation Sat 12:00
219. Asians and the Construction of Ethnic Identities: Nationalism, Colonialism, and Power Relations Sat 4:00
220. Race, Region, Place, Sat 4:00
223. Of Proletariats and Professors: Race, Labor, and Mobility Sat 4:00
235. Author Meets Critic: The Sociology of W. E. B. Du Bois: Racialized Modernity and the Global Color Line by Jose Itzigsohn and Karida Brown Sun 8:00
236. Segregation and Sickness: Race and Health Inequalities Sun 8:00
250. Author Meets Critics: The Spectre of Race: How Discrimination Haunts Western Democracy, by Michael Hanchard. (In-Person Preferred) Sun 10:15
251. New Perspectives on the Long Civil Rights Movement Sun 10:15

15. Religion

6. Author Meets Critic: “Agents of God: Boundaries and Authority in Muslim and Christian Schools” by Jeffrey Guhin Thu 8:00
49. Rethinking Max Weber for a New Sociology of Religion Thu 2:00
53. Author Meets Critics: Birth Control Battles: How Race and Class Divided American Religion, by Melissa J. Wilde Thu 2:00
98. Book Panel: Islam, Authoritarianism, and Underdevelopment (by Ahmet Kuru) Fri 10:00
113. Author Meets Critics - Above the Fray: The Red Cross and the Making of the Humanitarian NGO Sector Fri 1:45
143. Organizing for Change: Ecumenism, Inclusion and Morality Fri 5:45
207. Book Panel: Under the Banner of Islam: Turks, Kurds, and the Limits of Religious Unity (by Gulay Turkmen) Sat 2:00
224. Liberalism and Tolerance in a Comparative and Historical Perspective Sat 4:00

16. Rural, Agricultural and Environmental

12. Rural, Agricultural, and Environmental Thu 8:00
26. Perceptions of Climate Change in the Nineteenth Century Thu 10:00
41. Technology, Politics, and Rural Labor in the 19th and 20th Century South Thu 12:00
56. Expert and Local Knowledge in Land Use Thu 2:00
71. Rationalizing Land Use I (1600-1918) Thu 4:00
122. Perspectives on Regional Development in the U.S. South Fri 1:45
247. Land Prices in the Antebellum Mississippi and Missouri Valleys Sun 8:00
264. Rationalizing Land Use II (20th Century) Sun 10:15

17. States and Society

2. Quantifying anti-Semitic Persecutions, from the 1930s to the Holocaust Thu 8:00
10. Citizensip: Histories of Exclusion and Processes of Change Thu 8:00
17. Can Revolutions Be Permanent? New Approaches to Assessing Revolutionary Outcomes Thu 10:00
25. Environmental Policy in Subnational Contexts Thu 10:00
32. Policing and Empire Thu 12:00
40. Author Meets Critics: Empires of Vice: The Rise of Opium Prohibition Across Southeast Asia by Diana Kim. Thu 12:00
55. Author-meets-critics: Brewing Resistance: Indian Coffee House and the Emergency in Postcolonial India (Cambridge University Press 2020) Thu 2:00
62. Decolonizing Sociology From South Asia Thu 4:00
69. The New Deal Order and the Origins of Neoliberalism Thu 4:00
77. Concepts in the Periphery: Repurposing Social Theory in Non-Western Contexts (in-person preferred) Fri 8:00
85. Author Meets Critics: Figures of the Future: Latino Civil Rights and the Politics of Demographic Change, by Michael Rodríguez-Muñiz Fri 8:00
93. Boundary Making and Resistance: Categorization and Classification Struggles in Africa, Asia, and the Americas Fri 10:00
101. Author Meets Critics: Capable Women, Incapable States: Negotiating Violence and Rights in India by Poulami Roychowdhury Fri 10:00
108. Author Meets Critics/Book Power in Modernity: Agency Relations and the Creative Destruction of the King's Two Bodies by Isaac Ariail Reed Fri 1:45
116. Empire, Industry and State Finance in the Late 19th and Early 20th Centuries Fri 1:45
124. Critical Junctures, Contingent Futures: Mapping a Future for American Political Development Fri 3:45
132. State Politics: Social and Educational Policy Fri 3:45
140. Elites Networks: Business, Politics, and Civil Society Fri 5:45
148. Making States and Statistics Fri 5:45
156. Who Governs?: Power and Policymaking in the States Sat 8:00
164. Theory, History, and States Sat 8:00
172. “Author Meets Critic: The Genesis of Rebellion by Michael Hechter and Steven Pfaff” Sat 10:00
180. Assessing Revolutionary Situations and Outcomes Sat 10:00
188. Pandemics and Society Sat 12:00
196. Postcolonial Development: Legacies and Strategies Sat 12:00
204. Classes and Politics: Contemporary Case Studies from the Global North to South Sat 2:00
212. Global Money, Finance, and Neoliberalism Sat 2:00

18. Urban

75. Social Struggles in the City Thu 4:00
91. From LA to Detroit Fri 8:00
138. Rights, Resistance, and Creative Destruction: Historical Narratives in Housing and Community Space Fri 3:45
249. Urban Sun 8:00

19. Women, Gender and Sexuality

45. Women's Movement Thu 12:00
74. Women in American Individualist Politics Thu 4:00
90. Gender and Queer Theory: Discourses Fri 8:00
105. Cultural and Creative Industries. Gendered Histories, Structures and Interventions Fri 10:00
121. Armed Self-Defense in Recent America: Intersectional Perspectives Fri 1:45
137. Classifying States, Gender, and the Creation of the Deserving and Undeserving Fri 3:45
169. From Rebel-Girls to Radical Girlhood: Re-Thinking Repertoires of Control and Resistance from the Late-18th to 21st Century Sat 8:00
185. Sex, Gender and Power Sat 10:00
201. Interpreations of Sex and Gender Sat 12:00
217. Gender and Law Sat 2:00

21. SSHA Sessions