Friday, November 12 / 1:45 PM - 3:30 PM Assembly E (Fifth Level)

Session 120
Health, Public Intervention and Insurance

Chair: Sakari Saaritsa, University of Helsinki

1. The Anthropometrics of War, Famine and Development: Helsinki Primary School Health Cards, 1910-1932Joël Floris, University of Zurich; Sakari Saaritsa, University of Helsinki; Tuuli Hurme, University of Helsinki.

2. The Effectiveness of Early Health Professionals in Rural Finland, 1880-1938Sakari Saaritsa, University of Helsinki; Eero Simanainen, University of Helsinki; Markus Ristola, University of Helsinki.

3. A Decision for the Individual or the Collective? Membership in Sickness Insurance Funds in Swedish Manufacturing, circa 1900Maria Stanfors, Lund University; Tobias Karlsson, Lund University; Lars-Fredrik Andersson, Department of Economic History, Umeå University, Umeå; Liselotte Eriksson, Umeå University.

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