Saturday, November 13 / 12:00 PM - 1:45 PM Minuet (Fourth Level)

Session 195
Production of Social Problems

Chair: Anna Skarpelis, Harvard University
Discussant: Carlo Sariego, Yale University

1. “The Knife of Historical Relativism” – Dilthey, Troeltsch and the Crisis of Historicism around 1900Henriikka Hannula, University of Vienna.

2. 1619 and 1776 in 2021: Balancing Critique and Continuity in Collective MemoryIsaac Kimmel, University of Notre Dame.

3. A Tale of Two Scandals: The Media Responses to Tailhook and Vanessa GuillenColleen Schoenfeld, California Institute of Integral Studies.

4. The Domino Effect: Explaining the Start and Growth of Institutionalized Response to Human Trafficking as a Social Problem in the United StatesElizabeth Trudeau, University of Notre Dame.

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