Friday, November 12 / 8:00 AM - 9:45 AM

Session 90
Gender and Queer Theory: Discourses

1. After Conjunctures, Structures, Networks. Re-Thinking Gender and Sexuality as Assemblages - Ethnographic ApproachesManuel Bolz, Institute for Anthropological Studies in Culture and History, University of Hamburg.

2. Power and Front Yards of Power: Contemporary Social Dynamics Interpreted in Gender and Queer Theoretical Perspectives.Martin J. Goessl, Institute of Social Work, University of Applied Sciences JOANNEUM.

3. HERSTORY: The Rise of Self-made WomenArash Nekoei, IIES; Fabian Sinn, IIES.

4. The Reordering of Empire, the Great Forgetting, and the American Invention of GenderVrushali Patil, Florida International University.

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