Saturday, November 13 / 4:00 PM - 5:45 PM

Session 223
Of Proletariats and Professors: Race, Labor, and Mobility

1. "Longest Line of Communications Ever Employed...Perhaps the Most Vulnerable:” Comparing Racialized Labor Mobilizations from Periphery to Railroads for the Atlantic Powers’ during World War IMichael Calderon-Zaks, University of California, San Diego.

2. What’s Merit Got to Do with It? Historicizing U.S Faculty Evaluations and Institutional Racism in the Elite U.S. Professoriateprabhdeep s kehal, Brown University.

3. Race and Class in France: The Case of Moroccan Coal Miners (1950s-1980s)Anton Perdoncin, ERC Lubartworld, EHESS.

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