Thursday, November 11 / 12:00 PM - 1:45 PM

Session 36
Geographies of Politics, Conflict, and Segregation

1. German Voters Respond to Crisis. New Thoughts on the Electoral Impact of the Great DepressionGeorge Vascik, Miami University.

2. Geographical Location and Patterns of ParticipationJaleh Jalili, Rice University; David Cunningham, Washington University in St. Louis.

3. Embodiment and the Body Count: Scales, Military Geographies, and PraxisAngela R Cunningham, Centre for Contemporary and Digital History, Universite du Luxembourg.

4. #MappingFreedom: From Freedom to Sovereignty - the International Phenomenon of Freedom Colonies. (How the Politics, Society, and Economy of ‘Post-Colonial’ Culture Shaped These Resistance Communities into “the Original Safe Spaces.”)Darold Cuba, Harvard University.

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