Friday, November 12 / 5:45 PM - 7:30 PM Assembly G (Fifth Level)

Session 154
Migrants and Immigration Experiences

Chair: Darold Cuba, Harvard University

1. Race, Rescaling and Restructuring in the Migrant GatewayNiall A. Cunningham, Newcastle University; Laurence Brown, Australian National University.

2. “When I Was Growing up”: the Lasting Impact of Immigrant Presence on Native-Born American Attitudes towards Immigrants and ImmigrationMaureen Eger, Umeå University; Mikael Hjerm, Umeå University; Jeffrey Mitchell, Umeå University.

3. Utilizing the IPUMS Multigenerational Longitudinal Panel to trace industrial worker migration throughout the rust-belt and beyondJames Juip, Michigan Tech University; Don Lafreniere, Michigan Technological University; Dan Trepal, Michigan Technological University.

4. Micro-Segregation and the Jewish Ghetto: A Comparison of Ethnic Economies in GermanyMartin Ruef, Duke University; Angelina Grigoryeva, University of Toronto.

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