Friday, November 12 / 5:45 PM - 7:30 PM Concerto B (Third Level)

Session 143
Organizing for Change: Ecumenism, Inclusion and Morality

Chair: Sadia Saeed, University of San Francisco
Discussant: Jeffrey Guhin, UCLA

1. The Role of Ecumenism and Education in Transnational Women’s Organizations: A Network Analysis of Colonial Missionary AgenciesKerby Goff, The Pennsylvania State University.

2. The Transition from Moral Rules to Moral Skills in Catholic Sex Education, 1945-1975Jane McCamant, University of Chicago.

3. Gay Marielitos and the Gay Church: The Metropolitan Community Church and the Resettlement of Gay Cuban Refugees During the Mariel BoatliftLynne Gerber, Independent Scholar; Siri Colom, Worcester State University.

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