Friday, November 12 / 10:00 AM - 11:45 AM Aria A (Third Level)

Session 93
Boundary Making and Resistance: Categorization and Classification Struggles in Africa, Asia, and the Americas

Chair: Marcelo Bohrt, American University

1. Divesting from Coloniality: Decolonial Resistance as a Form of anti-Racism in the Bolivian State BureaucracyMarcelo Bohrt, American University.

2. Unmaking Race, Making Nationality: Reclassification and Resistance in Post-Genocide RwandaAliza Luft, University of California, Los Angeles.

3. 'They Expect Good Things to Fall on the Sky’: Traditional Moral Boundaries and Progressive Mobilization in Argentina’s Piquetero MovementMarcos Perez, Washington and Lee University.

4. Rhythms of Revolt: Religion, Ethnicity, and Rebellions in the Qing Empire of China, 1850-1873Yang Zhang, American University.

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