Thursday, November 11 / 10:00 AM - 11:45 AM Aria A (Third Level)

Session 17
Can Revolutions Be Permanent? New Approaches to Assessing Revolutionary Outcomes

Chair: Kristin Plys, University of Toronto
Discussant: Eric Schoon, The Ohio State University

1. The Mixed Legacy of Revolution: China’s Hesitant Move to Nationalism in the 1980sLuyang Zhou, Zhejiang University.

2. After Revolution: State Building, State Failure, and Policing in Communist ChinaJuan Wang, McGill University.

3. Liminal States: Everyday Practice as Revolutionary Politics in 1979 IranMaryam Alemzadeh, University of Oxford.

4. A Phenomenological and Temporally Sensitive Approach to Revolutionary Outcomes: The Case of EgyptAtef Said, University of Illinois-Chicago.

5. The Arab Offspring: The Private Wakes of the Egyptian RevolutionYoussef El Chazli, Brandeis University.

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