The Arab Offspring: The Private Wakes of the Egyptian Revolution

Youssef El Chazli, Brandeis University

In this article, I discuss the socializing effects of revolutionary participation. Through a longitudinal and in-depth analysis of two life trajectories, I question how the politicization of individuals during the 2011 uprising in Alexandria, Egypt continues to structure their daily lives, beliefs and choices. In other words, how do two middle-aged men continue to be revolutionaries long after the revolution’s foreclosure? By studying different patterns and sequences of disengagement from politics, I argue that disengaging from revolutionary action in a narrow sense does not necessarily mean abandoning all revolutionary values. I show on the contrary how activists invest in their private lives, especially in their children’s education, to continue to make sense of their lives.

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 Presented in Session 17. Can Revolutions Be Permanent? New Approaches to Assessing Revolutionary Outcomes