Disparity and Darkness in Turbulent Times: An Odyssey of Illegal Migrant

Rosy Hastir, assistant professor

Migration from Punjab across borders has become a global phenomenon. There is no doubt that large numbers of people live outside their country of origin and many more are continuously on the move to various developed countries for greater opportunities. But this move to the developed countries are legal or illegal way? In my research work I have elaborately sketched the biography of one illegal migrant whose odyssey is the turbulence/ tale of crisis, conjunctures and the varied turning points during his illegal migration to USA. The life story of Balram reflects the hope, despair and suffering of one illegal migrant who crossed and re-crossed the borders of various countries on his various voyages. Finally, he managed to reach his country of destination but being an illegal migrant he encountered numerous difficulties, discrimination and struggle in the host country. The in-depth case study of Balram not only shaped by the policy implications but also the historical tragedy in September 11, 2001, the terrorist attack in the United states of America. After the incident many people were deported back from USA because their papers were not legal. He was not only get exploited by his own community members settled in USA but he also become the victim of the unfortunate circumstances which has changed his life forever. Balram was political refugee in the USA, a status granted to him in 1992. After the tragic event of September 11, 2001, he got arrested by asylum officers and progressively admitted that he has lied to the service and admitted that he was an intending migrant in the United States interested in obtaining employment in this country. That was the end of his all dreams and aspirations. His life was clearly caught within the folds of the global events of 9/11.

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 Presented in Session 83. Migrant, Ethnic and National Identity Formation and Knowledge Production